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Loan Program Lends Couple a Happy Future


When Kathryn first began to experience problems with her vision in her early thirties, her doctors were not sure what was wrong. But the unknown eventually turned to uncertainty when she soon learned she had Multiple Sclerosis.


For a long time, Kathryn and her husband Larry resisted thinking about having to make changes to their home.  But when Kathryn’s balance began to deteriorate and she broke her ankle in a fall, Larry knew they had to do something immediately.

“We became aware of Metro Housing’s Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) through the contractor we had selected, Operation Independence Accessibility,” said Larry.  “It was a complete surprise to us.  We knew this was going to allow us to do things we didn’t think we could.”


There were more surprises long the way.


“One thing that I did not anticipate would be so wonderful would be the removal of the raised thresholds in all our doorways,” said Kathryn. “Since I walk with a rollator it was so much easier to get around from room to room. I had no idea that was going to be so great.”

"Without Metro Housing’s help, I don’t know how long we would have been able to stay in our home. Now, I envision many more years here, happily." 

Through the HMLP, Larry and Kathryn were also able to install a lift on their front porch and relocate their laundry room to their first floor from their basement, changes that have made a huge difference in their lives.


“The changes to our home have allowed me to remain independent,” said Kathryn. “Now I can take the lift down to the sidewalk so I can get into the car or get to my garden. I don’t have to ask Larry every time I want to do something like that. That is a huge change for me.”


The overall experience for Kathryn and Larry were beyond their expectations.


“My dealings with Metro Housing were with Jennifer Shaw and she was tremendously supportive and responsive. I felt that she was very committed to customer service,” said Larry. “I liked her and felt that there was a connection. My experience with her and Metro Housing was wonderful. I felt well-taken care of.”


Kathryn added, “Any homeowner who is facing mobility issues should definitely contact Metro Housing and find out what they can do for them. I just think it is an amazing resource. Without Metro Housing’s help, I don’t know how long we would have been able to stay in our home. Now, I envision many more years here, happily.”

Home Modification Loan Program

The Home Modification Loan Program is an innovative state lending program that helps qualifying participants finance home modifications. It assists seniors, individuals, and families with children with disabilities to finance the cost of renovations to their primary residence, allowing individuals to remain at home. 

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