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SIPS Helps Regain Independence


Metro Housing’s Specialized Intensive Program and Services (SIPS) provides case management to people with disabilities and complex housing needs. Those that benefit the most are individuals and families with issues such as chronic homelessness, substance abuse, food insecurity, and involvement in the criminal justice system.


One of those people is Ruby.


Ruby was living in a three-story walkup apartment in Boston. Due to a disability, even leaving the house was an unmanageable challenge; her daughter, serving as her primary caretaker, had to physically carry her up and down three flights of stairs for every appointment.

Because Ruby was determined to live on her own, a SIPS case manager brought her to multiple apartment viewings until they found something safe and suitable. The case manager then guided them through the process of applying for transition funding via the state’s Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program. Flexible Emergency Assistance Funds, which are privately raised dollars at Metro Housing, were used to cover ancillary move-in costs that were ineligible for RAFT.


Ruby’s process with SIPS began with an assessment of the types of supports she may need. She also benefitted from hands-on help with daily living, and financial and legal advocacy. This intensive, personalized, and at-home focus was pivotal to engaging Ruby and helped her find a first-floor apartment that is conducive to her daily activities.

Of the 156 SIPS participants that Metro Housing served in FY23, 99 percent remained stably housed in their homes or were placed in new housing.

SIPS relies heavily on private contributions. It continues to operate thanks to the generous support of corporations and individuals committed to preserving tenancy by providing services to those who need it most.  To help SIPS maintain its level of service to the most vulnerable families, you can donate here.

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